Duplex 2 hours ago

2498 Glendale Street

2498 Glendale Street

4 2 2,134 Sq Ft
House 2 weeks ago

8515 Faust Avenue

Faust Avenue

2 1 701 Sq Ft
Reserved House 2 weeks ago

19318 Fairport Street

19318 Fairport Street

2 1 875 Sq Ft
House 2 weeks ago

8467 Plainview Avenue

8467 Plainview Avenue

3 1 701 Sq Ft
House 2 weeks ago

18290 Freeland Street

18290 Freeland Street

3 1 837 Sq Ft
SOLD House 2 weeks ago

Auburn Street

Auburn Street

2 1 688 Sq Ft
Reserved House 2 weeks ago

Oakfield Avenue

Oakfield Avenue

2 1 800 Sq Ft
Reserved House 2 weeks ago

7425 Stahelin Avenue

7425 Stahelin Avenue

2 1 864 Sq Ft
Reserved House 4 weeks ago

20440 Bramford Street

20440 Bramford Street

3 2 935 Sq Ft

We are a company formed by a group of experienced investors who offer a real estate investment with an immediate return. We accompany our clients throughout their investment journey by:

1. Selecting & remodeling the best properties

2. Placing fully screened tenants

3. Maintaining the properties

4. Communicating directly & effectively

Masterkey USA Property Investment offers all the guarantees and the best conditions for our customers because our company is present throughout the process. We have a delegation in Detroit and we do the selection of properties on the ground and remodel them to our highest standards. We know the market.

Masterkey offers a complete investment with full accompaniment from the start of the purchase process to the month to month profit statements sent to our investors each month. Only screened and respectable tenants are placed in our clients´ properties.

We have eliminated all intermediaries and our investors trust us to find answers and solutions and keep them up to date with direct and effective communication.


Why invest in Detroit?

It’s about being in the right place at the right time.

The best companies are based in Detroit

Our houses are located in great neighborhoods

Detroit’s Economy is Booming

Detroit, MI

Detroit is one of the best cities to buy a rental property, already home to 100 of the Fortune 500 companies, including Kellogg, Quicken Loans, Whirlpool, Penske Automotive, and Walmart. The city is still improving and growing year after year.

It is recognized as the automotive capital of the world. The metro area is home to General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and Chrysler (“The Big Three” major automotive companies in the US and Canada) which offer a wide range of jobs and invest billions into the city’s infrastructure. Despite its longstanding nickname “Motor City” and the investment from the motor industry, several of Detroits fastest growing industries are as diverse as healthcare, defense, aerospace, IT, and logistics. This strong consolidation of companies from different sectors makes Detroit one of the top 10 U.S. cities for economic growth potential.

Tech giants such as Amazon and Google have recently opened offices there, taking advantage of the fact that Michigan has the highest concentration of tech engineers in the nation with 133,000 statewide.

Michigan´s cost of living is 11% below the national average, making it the 4th most affordable state in the country. Resulting in Detroit being the 3rd city in the country for attracting millennials.

This unique mixture is what makes Detroit a great area for income-producing properties, that offer both high rental income and capital growth.

Why invest in property?

Property investment remains the best and safest way to invest your money. Real estate property investment comes with numerous advantages that set it apart from other types of investments:

Cash Flow

Every investor is driven by the same motivation – to make money! Property investment provides real estate investors with a stream of cash flow in the form of monthly rent.

Tangible Asset

Property investment has fewer risks than other types of investment because you are buying a tangible asset. The longer you hold your investment properties, the more equity they will build with time. Property investment will always have value since they are physical assets.

Tax Benefits/Deductions

Property investors are able to deduct expenses related to owning and managing an investment property, including property taxes, mortgage interests, insurance, and operation expenses. Not only that but when property investors sell the property investment and reinvest the profits, they will be exempt from certain taxes.

Hedge Against Inflation

Historically, cash flow and investment property prices have kept pace with inflation. This means that as the cost of living increases so do investment property prices. This benefits real estate investors because:
-As inflation increases, property investors can raise the amount they charge for rent.
-The value of the property goes up enough to cover inflation.

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